Peaceful Immersion Yoga Retreats

Peaceful Immersion Yoga Retreats, inspired by the Restorative and Meditative Yoga traditions, offer busy people the time and tools needed to slow down and rejuvenate physically, mentally and emotionally.  Healing states are accessed through intelligent movement and deep relaxation and the use of essential oil based aromatherapy.  Group size is limited so that each student receives assistance in crafting a personal take-home practice.  Schedule Now

Tree and Rock Sculpure

Locations: Retreats may be held in your  home, guest lodging or a destination location of your choice.  Please inquire about Rattlesnake Ridge  guest home, nestled on 25 very private acres of working vineyard with spectacular  views of Napa Valley.

Retreat Description

Peaceful Immersion Yoga relies on a three faceted approach. Initially, we identify and release the accumulations of stress with intelligent movements from restorative yoga and healing breath practices. These simple techniques can then be woven into the fabric of our daily lives, so that ease, not stress, becomes our new habit.

Elizabeth playing instrument

Elizabeth on Ektar for Healing Sound Practice

Next, after the stress related tensions have been gently released, participants  begin the premeditative practices including the therapeutic use of emotional aromatherapy oils.. These enhance our ability to focus in the present moment, enjoy mental clarity and maintain emotional equanimity. Over time, these same practices also invite the release of deeper previously unconscious patterning to surface and dissolve, making room to establish conscious foundations.

After this foundation has been established, meditation practices are introduced. Meditation opens the door to "come home" to our peaceful and powerful Inner Self and provides a deeply satisfying sense of connection with the Fullness of Life. Participants leave Peaceful Immersion Yoga with the personal tools for a sustaining home practice.   Schedule Now


 Peaceful Immersion Yoga is based on my belief that Optimal Health and Sustainable Happiness are the natural results of Treating our Bodies with Respect through Intelligent Movement & Connecting to a Deep Wellspring of Peace through Meditation.